Trendy Sarong Models Of The New Season

You have studied or worked hard. Now, you deserve a good holiday. This season you should enjoy sea, hot weather, sunshine and all parties.

Now we recommend you soft palm tree border vintage blue pareo. It’s a perfect fitting to compliment your figure and shape your body.This Sarong is a stylish and versatile beach or poolside cover-up that can be worn in multiple ways depending on your needs. It can be put on as an exotic beach wrap or a cover up, casual dress or sundress or as an skirt and top at the beach.It’s highly Comfortable, Lightweight, Soft and Stylish and perfect for sunny and beach day. It will make you feel comfortable and cute, classy and charming through-out the beech parties, picnic with lots of fun.

Floral Printed Cotton pareos are very fashionable and stylish as well. You will surely stand out with this kind of sarongs. Other models like turquoise seashell and Hawaiian Beach style printed ones are very popular as well. Pareo types are big in size in general to be worn with different styles and to be worn easily.

The best thing about sarongs is that they are incredibly versatile and colorful. Especially pink, blue and orange ones are very modish. You can make a dramatic fashion statement.

It can be said that sarongs are really perfect for plus size ladies. Because they wrap you and fit your shape easily. So, if you stil don’t have a sarong, you should definitely buy at least one of them.

Sweats Models For Plus-Size Ladies

For some of you, a baggy pair of sweatpants makes a world of sense. They are cheap, they come in a multitude of sizes, and thanks to the elastic and the drawstrings, they stay put quite nicely. In this context, the biggest complaint is how unsafe sweatpants can be during training.

The baggy nature of the pants near the ankle area can quickly become a trap where your foot gets caught in the leg part of your other foot, because the baggy fabric combined with the elastic closure can form a balloon trap for your ankles. If you can make sweatpants work for your particular activity you should go for it. Otherwise, consider wearing a tighter version or smaller size sweatpants or a jogger or a pair of Capri sweatpants.

You should consider the “tall” version of your ideal pant. You can have bigger booties. It means you are constantly tugging at the backs of our pants to keep them up, and keep our ‘coin slots’ covered. The “tall” version of a good, quality training pant means the pant has a longer torso, allotting for a little more space in the read for you to fit all that booty.

You should look for drawstrings. Sometimes, a good and reliable drawstring can do wonders to keep your pants up in the middle of high-impact activities like running,. Nowadays, most drawstrings in pants come with the actual string connected at the ends, so that it’s more of a loop and less like a shoelace. Also, it’s less likely to get lost up in your darn pants. As another recommendation keep in mind that high-rise pants are your friend.

Everybody needs sweats and other sportswear to work out. Big or small, short or tall, there is a right pair of sweats for you.

How Should Plus-Size Men Wear For The Gym?

We mostly mentioned about plus-size women. Now, it’s time to give a place to big men. The question is how should they wear for the gym?

Sports luxe and also printed T-shirts are great to be in your wardrobe. You can play around with smart and casual pieces to create a slimmer look but you should remember to vary up your shades to add details.

High-rise T-shirts which dominated menswear can cover your problematic areas. As a plus, size man, you have a lot of more choices. You can wear quality and tech driven fleece windrunner, flex sleeveless training hoodie, short sleeve training top, jogger, performans tank, zip pull over, cool crew neck tee, basketball short, polo shirt, training tank and such.

A Cool Hoodie

Call us old fashioned, but you don’t necessarily need a technical warm-up jacket to go to the gym. In fact, this classic pullover hoodie suits us just fine. It looks great and lasts forever.

A Stylish T-Shirt

This T-shirt is the perfect intersection of function and style. Sure, you could wear that ratty old college tee. But why not go with something that keeps you both feeling and looking cool?

A Basketball Short

It’s the best for big men. Some people might prefer ultra-light mesh shorts, but the rugged nylon construction, multiple mesh pockets, and water repellant treatment on these Myles shorts are unmatched. And, they come in both 8″ and 10″ versions, so you can decide how much leg to show when you’re doing squats.

A Long or Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Sometimes you need a little extra coverage (especially in the colder months). Invest in an updated classic with this heather gray, V-neck long-sleeve tee. Sleeveless can be preferred as well.

A Pair Of Tailored Sweats

They are as important on men’s runways as they are in the weight room. Spruce up your workout style with these slim sweats from cult athletic brand voices. And feel free to wear them for your (non-athletic) weekend adventures, as well.

Cardigan Models For Plus-Size Women

Every woman should have at least one cardigan inside their wardrobes. They can keep you comfortably warm in cold days. However, these layers are not just for warming but also for wearing a fashionable way. There are different models as cardigans for all ladies including plus-size women.

One of the fashionable models you can easily try is a top layer with a waistline It can be a cinched or empire or a belted waist something with a waist.

Cardigans having soft structure are usually long or medium length and good supplement to the casual outfits. For example a long and thick cardigan gives a classic finish to clothes. It’s definitely easier than wearing a jacket. It’s not recommended to wear short cardigans for plus-size ladies.

There are cardigans available in black or white or in many l trend colors like blue, grey, rose and green. We have long and short models, perfect for the classic work look, both warm and lighter models for the cold summer nights. Matching your cardigan with a cute skirt will add a stylish impression  to your look completely.

There are different models help you to create an elegant style. You can buy knitwear,   soft natural baby goat wool/mohair and/or handmade cardigans.

We recommend you to wear a model with a slim leather belt by knotting it in the front. The hourglass form at the back makes every shape more slim. So, it will be perfect for every attires especially elegant dress.

We have also a slightly different choice for you. At first sight, it looks traditional because of its classical cable patterns and also faux buttons. On the other hand its unconventional V-neck and on-trend longer length make it really flattering and a shining star. Because v-necklines balance broad hips and thighs. It has 3 buttons that prevent from slipping down the shoulders. It draws the eye towards the upper body and hides the hips and thighs.

We hope that our summary information about cardigan models will work for you. Because keep in mind that cardigans are the best to hide your problematic areas.

Shawl Models For Plus-Size Women

Shawl is the one of the most popular accessories. Many of women say that they can never have enough shawls.  However as layers they are the best to hide your trouble spots especially for overweight ladies. Furthermore while providing extra warmth these accessories not only spice up your outfit but also flatter your complexion.

A Shawl with pastel shades will soften the tone of your skin. It will give you a touch of color and a gorgeous glow. You can pick the model which has fresh colors like pale pink, blue and bluish green.

The patterned Anna Aura shawl in wonderful washed-out blue tones is another warming accessory to pick. Also the one of Uta Raasch is very soft, premium 100% versatile accessory with finely fringed edges. It has beautiful color shades of ecru/petrol and burgundy/black. It balances these tones perfectly.

You can buy a patchwork shawl which definitely grabs the attention. This accessory was inspired by blankets made of lots of little patches. The patches can be squares or rectangles, large or small. Some of the shapes have flowers for your romantic beauty.

Also, you can prefer a large and square or a wide sophisticated silk model as a finishing touch. In order to keep out the cold wrap this classy accessory around your shoulders.

Plain, simple and one or two colored shawls work well with patterned clothes. Especially for plus size ladies it’s recommended to cover up your arms but not the shoulders.

Slipper and Sandal Trends

Are you ready for this Summer? Do you have slippers and sandals? Of course you have but none of these kinds of shoes have to be casual. There are stylish slippers and sandals. So, yes it’s time to show up with your feet.

Embellished sandals, the ones which have t-straps and bright or fury slippers which have patterns and garnishes are modish now. They can give you a modern look.

Do you want to show off your gams? Then you can pick a printed or a metallic gladiator sandals in order to draw attention to your favorite feature. You can wear this pair of shoes from day to night. Also, stylists recommend to wear these stylish strappy sandals with distressed skinny jeans, an ethereal tank or a kaleidoscope print kimono.

There are sandals for minimalists who love the simplicity, the ease and classical colors like. In addition, toe smoking casual sandals with amazing blue and red colors and wedge sandals look great as well.

Slippers generally seem as flat with no exaggerated details, no high heels and with simple colors like blue, white and pink.  However, you can find high heel and wedge ones with embellishments, patterns and even embroiders. Keep in mind that modish high heel and wedge slippers make you look slimmer.

In conclusion when it comes to plus-size ladies they can be very pleased. Because slipper and sandal trends of this year are both for simple and flashy styles. Furthermore general shape and form of them is not small. As a result plus size ladies can pick and wear them in confidence.

Fashion Ripped Jeans Trends

In general it can be said that jeans are never out. It seems the reason for this everybody from all ages, genders and sizes can wear these outfits. Because they can be regarded as really very comfortable. Amongst them ripped jeans came to the forefront in the new season.

These jeans are perfect for casual and especially style. The ones that have a lot of textures and patterns are very stylish, fashionable and great for parties.

Trends of ripped jeans are similar are effective for both of thin and overweight people. They can be skinny, mom, boyfriend and such but surely any style of ripped jeans are always hot. As an example, the green and red stripe up the side gives a different dynamic pattern which adds some cool, unique and astonishing style to the outfit. The jeans with mixing patterns such as stripes and stars can attract all the attention around you.

Levi’s ripped light blue jeans might be a good choice to be up to date in terms of fashion. Featuring rips along the knees, these ones are ideal to wear on Sundays or Saturdays when you go out.

Ripped stretch ankle skinny jeans have soft stretch fabric and sits at the hips. Similar with this one, rolled up and high rise regular or high rise skinny boyfriend jeans that have rips will give you cool impression. These plus size jeans are perfect for your curves. Famous celebrities wear ripped jeans for different occasions. Whether plus-size or not, you can wear them in confident. Because they will make you look cool and stylish.


2017 Autumn Trends For Plus-Size Ladies

Do you know which clothes or which style will be trendy in this Autumn? Do you think it’s too early? It’s never too early. Because designers already have made creations such as trench coats or boots and etc. Now, we will take a glance at Autumn trends for curvy women.

In 2017 Autumn, there will be cute clothes made of natural fiber fabrics with no more polyester.

Long-Sleeve Sweater Dresses can look great on overweight women. Because usually they are not too loose or too tight. It means you won’t look heavier.

What do you think about a dark olive green thumb hole transparent mesh blouse? You can pick long sleeve version of it for Spring and Autumn. It has both XL and smaller sizes.

You can wear a pair of clean black skinny jeans and denim clothes. These type of sportive garments are always trendy including Fall.

A Patchwork Faux Fur Coat as a very garish outfit will surely hide your problematic areas and help you look more stylish and gorgeous.

Low V-Neck clothes can take attention away from the middle of your body and draw it upper areas. Furthermore, the V-neck can elongate your neck and make you look slimmer.

Did you try faux fur bell tie knee high socks and knee high boots? You should try them. Because they give the impression of taller and so slimmer figure.

A velvet blazer jacket will look great on you. By enhancing your lifestyle it adds elogance and contemporary modernity to any clothes and also fits your curves.


How To Dress Well When You’re Plus-Size

To be plus-size doesn’t mean you can’t look gorgeous. If you know how to dress well you can look more beautiful than slim ladies. We have several recommendations for you about clothing methods.

  1. You should try darker colors and smaller patterns. Because big patterns will make you appear heavier while small patterns can make you look thinner and besides dark colors hide but light colors highlight. Therefore if you are OK with your waist you can wear a light belt over a dark shirt. On the other hand if you want to hide your bottom half you can put on dark pants and a lighter top.

Prefer diagonal or vertical horizontal stripes. If you want to give the impression of larger bust area, horizontal stripes can enhance it.

Wearing a ruffle is a good choice but don’t put ruffles on anything that you want to hide. Because it has the power of emphasizing not hiding.

  1. Putting on a well-fitted underwear such as low-legged, high-waisted one is very important as well. A good bra that fits you size will help lift your figure. It make you not only look younger but also help you avoid backaches
  2. Pick clothes like A-line or tailored skirts that will flatter your bottom half. However dressing to flatter your upper half is another point to consider. You should stay away from flared pants and wide-leg trousers but wear shaped garments such as full-length cardigans.
  3. How about accessorizing? You can whip out those big, chunky earrings and wear boots or wedges. Beautiful accessories will grab attention.
  4. Pick at least one pair of well-fitting jeans. Skinny or straight-leg jeans in a dark wash will look great on you. In addition you should be very careful about leggings. For some ladies, a long shirt or dress with leggings can be great. However if your hips, thighs or bottom are heavier it can look awful.
  5. You can wear sleeveless clothes or the ones with short sleeves to emphasize your assets.
  6. Garments that are too large can hide your body but they make you look unconfident. Instead of baggy clothing, buy what fits you. Also, keep in mind that to know your measurements is very important in terms of dressing well.

As a last and maybe the most important point, buy you clothes for today not for the time that when you get slimmer. Because you may have long-term goals but chances won’t happen overnight. Just, wear your clothes with confidence.

Gowns That Make You Look Slimmer

Ladies have been looking for the secrets of slimming for years. There a lot of ways to lose weight but it’s not so easy. Similarly there is a huge choice about dresses which have slimming design trick. Now, we recommend you the best gown styles that flatter your body type.

Princess like ball gowns with embellished corset bodice can be the best for you. They will surely disguise your hips.

You can pick a white night dress which is color-blocked by black side panels in order to make your waist look small and your curves look fascinating.

A red off shoulder dress will be a perfect choice to shine at a special night. It will definitely flatter your body. Also a bright red dress with an asymmetrical hemline is another gown perfect for cocktail parties and date nights and will help you feel like a famous star.

You can pick a night dress that is ruched from top bottom. Body shapes flattered by ruching draws the attention to a narrow part of the body. Ruching also hide unwanted figure details behind the fabric.

Don’t be afraid of buying a sheath night dress. Instead of classical black, a pastel or jewel tone flattering your complexion will highlight your beautiful face.

Shortly, you can eat too many biscuits, snack or such. Because the magical dresses will help you for your kilos. In this context, night dresses whose details are focused on your assets like bust, plunging, v-neckline and shoulders give the impression of leaning. The ones with one shoulder, off the shoulder, sweetheart, straples style or empire waist prom dresses can make you look thinner.