Casual dresses are very important. If you have two or three casual dresses, you can wear them for all the day casually. You can create your fashionable look as well. When you have curves you have to play you can choose dresses that are both flattering and feminine. You can also pick loose dresses which are neutral and which draw attention to your assets such as your neckline, shoulders, waistline and legs. There are six beautiful casual dresses which we can recommend you.

A casual dress in navy and white small print can be highly stylish flattering overweight ladies. It has smocked neckline that is good to be worn off the shoulders. Its horizontal line balances the hips.

A striped dress with short sleeves is another good choice.  The third dress is a long, neutral, plain and gray one. A dark plus size casual dress in knee length is perfect for wearing all day. In addition, you can wear it casually and for special occasions.

You can wear a striped shirt dress in a lot of different ways. It’s very popular now. While putting on it, make sure to wear a belt which will flatter your waistline.

A cold shoulders dress is as popular as shoulder tops. The straps make it easy to wear your bras. Furthermore the sleeves cover the arms smartly.

Although these stylish and flattering dresses are recommended to wear specifically for casual occasions you can of course try for different events.