The Most Popular Colors

The fashion trends change every year and according to the new seasonal styles, preferred color scale can change as well. However, it’s a crystal-clear fact that whether you are plus-size or not ladies mostly prefer black and white together or separately. In this context, it’s necessary to highlight that the reason of these colors’ to be popular is a urban myth. According to this well-known opinion, white makes look overweight while is black makes look slimmer but this can’t be regarded as true anymore. So, if you don’t like black and white, you can pick clothes with different colors including colorful ones. Because bold and different colors are very popular now.

Muted pastel and bright saturated bold colors are very important but stylists draw attention on following shades which are the most preferred ones:
soft sky blue, royal blue, pink, purple, light green, coffee, sand, pearl gray, emerald.

Plus Size Popular Color

Picking the right colors including the most preferred ones for your clothes can be tricky. Because, there are so many choices and especially most of plus-size ladies tend to pick the colors they always use not the different options. The key point is not only choosing popular colors or the one you like the most but also matching them by creating the look.

In conclusion, wearing feminine and flirty outfits with warmest and joyful colors amongst ladies including plus-size women is very popular. So, we recommend you to leave your black, white and choose clothes involving a variety of styles, colors and prints.

Inspiring Plus-Size Wedding Dresses

As it’s known, wedding day is the most important day for the ladies getting married. However, it’s not so easy to find the perfect dress.  Especially if you are plus-size, you may think there are only a few options. In contrary, there are plenty of choices around which offer specifically gorgeous plus-size wedding dresses.

We have a list of trendy wedding gowns which suit very well to overweight ladies. These dresses will look amazing on your figure.

Enaura Bridal couture floral plus-size wedding dress:

This soft and feminine floral wedding dress is a perfect choice for your garden wedding.

David’s Bridal long sleeved lace plus-size wedding gown:

You will look natural and elegant in this special dress.

V-Neckline wedding dress with blushing tones:

A deep V-neck wedding gown shows off a really pretty décolletage but if you don’t like this attention-grabbing detail you can wear an a-line one.

Wedding dress with cap sleeves:

As an alternative to the strapless dresses, cap sleeves have an elegant look. They draw attention to your collarbones. An allover lace pattern works well with a vintage wedding theme.

Lazaro mermaid dress with ruched bodice:

It will hug your curves in all the right places and it will add a feminine sex appeal by its sweetheart neckline.

Pink Blush Wedding Dress

It has a romantic appeal with a full organza skirt.

Strapless Modified Ball Gown Wedding Dress

It has amazing sparkling details which keep you very comfortable on your wedding day. It does not only elongate the torso but also adds extra support.

There are more wedding dresses to recommend such as classic satin strapless one, the silk slip dress and the one with ball gown skirt. This modern ball gown is sure to be a showstopper. If you are still worried about your curves as an obstacle to find the perfect dress, you should not. Because there is a perfect wedding gown for everyone.

Plus-Size Sportswear

Fitness fashion world is changing. It was realized that overweight people go to the gym and do exercises. As a result, well-known brands started to focus more on plus-size workout clothes such as leggings, hoodies, sports bras. Even a major brand, Nike released an awesome sportswear for over-sized people.

Baggy sweats and t-shirts are not only option. Scope of sportswear for overweight people became larger and here are some choices for you:

  1. Light Weight and Breathable Fabrics:

T-shirts and sweats are still first choice as workout clothes for everyone. Cotton captures moisture especially for plus-size people during workout. Accordingly it’s very significant to choose plus size sportswear made out of performance fabric as a breathable material.

  1. No More Baggy Clothes:

Baggy clothing can be comfortable but it’s not suitable to wear at the gym. So, you should pick the compression fit clothes flattering to your shape.

  1. Comfortable Sweatshirts and Hoodies:

Plus size hoodies flatter every figure and enables slimmer appearance. These cozy clothes including sweatshirts have many different styles

  1. Sexy and Fitting Clothing:

Women in all shapes and sizes can be beautiful. So, take plus-size sportswear which help you to feel sexy and confident for wearing at the gym or for exercising outside.

Wearing the right type of workout clothes according to your body size is very crucial. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to do exercise mainly for your health not just for losing weight. As a happy plus-size lady, go to the gym with more confidence.

Teaming Hair Styles and Plus-Size Clothes

Picking out the right hair-style and hair-cuts are very important and hard for ladies. It’s even tougher for plus-size ladies. Because the right style for you can make a huge difference. The question is which style will look good on you to go for and how to make that length work. We recommend you some great slimming styles to try out:

  1. Getting some natural-looking highlights will draw attention away from your face. This will not only brighten your face, but also help it to seem thinner.
  2. Hairs in one length will not flatter bigger faces. This hair-cut will make your face look as if it’s wider and larger. However adding layers into your hairs is trendy and it shows your face softer. You can also have some short or long fringes apart from the layers.
  3. If you want shorter hair, you can try-out the chin cut without leaving your cut right at your chin not to draw attention to any problem areas (if you have any)
  4. An a-line bob is perfect for everybody including plus-size women. Wavy hairstyle is another gorgeous style for plus-size ladies!
  5. One of the most favorite styles of plus-size women is having shoulder length hair. Shoulder length hair and off the shoulder clothes will be a great combination as it can show your face slimmer.
  6. Voluminous hair and straight clothes will create a stunning, slimming effect for overweight ladies. Adding more volume on top instead of your body, enable everybody to focus more on your hair.

You can try out different hairstyles and accessories for ornamenting your hair. Because, besides clothing, even just a hairgrip or different hair color can help to redefine your looks.  However, regardless of a hairstyle and clothes you choose, make sure that you are happy with both of them.

Accessories To Use With Plus-size Clothes

There are plenty of accessories for plus size women which will keep you both elegant and confident. You can add life to your clothes by accessories which look good on you. Everybody, especially all plus-size individuals should use accessories.

  1. Bags

Most of women underestimate power of handbags. If you are a plus size individual, the best bag to buy for complimenting your body is a larger and colorful one not a small sized one. Because small ones exaggerate your size.

  1. Statement Belts

Belts are generally used to complete the looks not just for the clothes which don’t fit. Also, belts help you to flaunt your best curves. The important point is the belts should not be too large or too tiny. A medium size will be the best.

  1. Scarves

Wearing a scarve is really a good styling accessory for plus size women. They are not only useful in cold weathers but also they can add a stylish touch of style for your outfits. Long scarves make your body seem slimmer and longer.

  1. Jewellery

The choice of jewellery for plus size women is very significant. It’s recommended that plus-size ladies should wear bigger and chunkier jewelry. To stay away from chokers is crucial because they will make necks seem thicker. Also, similarly thicker bangles and wrist watches are relatively better. However, bigger earrings overwhelm your face. Therefore, smaller ones to wear will seem gorgeous.

You can spice up your wardrobe with some of them. You will love this new transformation which has a big effect on plus size clothes.