How To Dress Well When You’re Plus-Size

To be plus-size doesn’t mean you can’t look gorgeous. If you know how to dress well you can look more beautiful than slim ladies. We have several recommendations for you about clothing methods.

  1. You should try darker colors and smaller patterns. Because big patterns will make you appear heavier while small patterns can make you look thinner and besides dark colors hide but light colors highlight. Therefore if you are OK with your waist you can wear a light belt over a dark shirt. On the other hand if you want to hide your bottom half you can put on dark pants and a lighter top.

Prefer diagonal or vertical horizontal stripes. If you want to give the impression of larger bust area, horizontal stripes can enhance it.

Wearing a ruffle is a good choice but don’t put ruffles on anything that you want to hide. Because it has the power of emphasizing not hiding.

  1. Putting on a well-fitted underwear such as low-legged, high-waisted one is very important as well. A good bra that fits you size will help lift your figure. It make you not only look younger but also help you avoid backaches
  2. Pick clothes like A-line or tailored skirts that will flatter your bottom half. However dressing to flatter your upper half is another point to consider. You should stay away from flared pants and wide-leg trousers but wear shaped garments such as full-length cardigans.
  3. How about accessorizing? You can whip out those big, chunky earrings and wear boots or wedges. Beautiful accessories will grab attention.
  4. Pick at least one pair of well-fitting jeans. Skinny or straight-leg jeans in a dark wash will look great on you. In addition you should be very careful about leggings. For some ladies, a long shirt or dress with leggings can be great. However if your hips, thighs or bottom are heavier it can look awful.
  5. You can wear sleeveless clothes or the ones with short sleeves to emphasize your assets.
  6. Garments that are too large can hide your body but they make you look unconfident. Instead of baggy clothing, buy what fits you. Also, keep in mind that to know your measurements is very important in terms of dressing well.

As a last and maybe the most important point, buy you clothes for today not for the time that when you get slimmer. Because you may have long-term goals but chances won’t happen overnight. Just, wear your clothes with confidence.

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