Which Shoes Are The Best For The Ladies With Thick Ankles

Whether you can have a thin or thick ankle there is surely the right shoe for you to wear. If you have thick ankles there are some points to consider.

Firstly you should think about the scale rather than straps, heels and soles in order to balance your ankle.

Secondly and similarly with clothes horizontal lines give broader impression. So, stay away from horizontals. Diagonal shoes especially the ones more vertical in appearance can make your foot look thinner.

Thirdly, the concept of ‘vamp’ is very important. It’s about how far the shoes come up and covers your foot.  A low vamp make your legs look longer and it draw attention away from your ankles. Also blending your shoes to pants and hosiery can give the impression of the most slimming appearance. Keep in mind that knee high boots are low vamp shoes as well. Other shoes which suit thick ankles are ballerina shoes, wedge heels, nude footwears and the ones with diagonal straps and thicker heels.

As another point, if you wear a pump, make sure the heel comes straight down from the base of your shoes. Because this will give your ankle some shape. Also any details in the front of the shoes you pick will draw the attention from your ankles.

Keep in mind that clogs and mules are the best friends of thick ankles as well. However, most importantly while choosing right shoes pick the ones which show thick ankles slimmer and also the ones which you wear with confidence.

Tips of Choosing Clothes For Plus-Size Ladies

While choosing clothes the color, cuts, pattern and fabric are very important for your style. They help you to hide your weak spots and to draw attention to your best spots.

Importance of fabrics:

The fabric type of clothes plays a vital role to choose the right ones. For instance you may like stretchable fabrics but they will expand and make your heavy portions look as heavier than they are. However the fabrics like cotton, lenin, thick silk will be a better choice. They should be made in exact measure. Because later they will take your body shape in elegant style not in bulkier way.

Importance of color:

If you want to look thinner, it’s mostly recommended to try black. However, naturally you need more options and to try different tones doesn’t mean to appear fat. The myth about black has changes. So, colors like maroon, wine color, etc and even bold tones are good choices. Bright colors reflect light. You can pick up light but not too bright colors to look slim. Because too bright ones won’t absorb the light. They reflect back maximum amount of light which will make you look bigger.

Importance of cuts

The cut of clothes is significant as well. The reason for this is a proper cut reflects whether you are comfortably fit into the clothes or not. While choosing the pieces you should consider the type of cut which can hide your curves and bulks. You should not look uncomfortably squeezed in your attires.

Importance of patterns and prints

Patterns and prints are very appealing and popular. So, you might want to wear but you should be careful with the patterns and the prints. You should stay away from the clothes with big patterns and prints or patterns. This style with too contrasted colors is not recommended too. In order to look lean you should wear small patterns and prints without too contrast colors.



Casual dresses are very important. If you have two or three casual dresses, you can wear them for all the day casually. You can create your fashionable look as well. When you have curves you have to play you can choose dresses that are both flattering and feminine. You can also pick loose dresses which are neutral and which draw attention to your assets such as your neckline, shoulders, waistline and legs. There are six beautiful casual dresses which we can recommend you.

A casual dress in navy and white small print can be highly stylish flattering overweight ladies. It has smocked neckline that is good to be worn off the shoulders. Its horizontal line balances the hips.

A striped dress with short sleeves is another good choice.  The third dress is a long, neutral, plain and gray one. A dark plus size casual dress in knee length is perfect for wearing all day. In addition, you can wear it casually and for special occasions.

You can wear a striped shirt dress in a lot of different ways. It’s very popular now. While putting on it, make sure to wear a belt which will flatter your waistline.

A cold shoulders dress is as popular as shoulder tops. The straps make it easy to wear your bras. Furthermore the sleeves cover the arms smartly.

Although these stylish and flattering dresses are recommended to wear specifically for casual occasions you can of course try for different events.

Which Trousers Make You Look Slimmer

Especially as a woman, we all like dressing itself. Another thing we want is to look thinner in our attires to impress others and to look good. Even if you are overweight, you can try these tips to pick trousers which make you look lean.

First of all, it’s very important to respect the color schemes. In general bright and colorful tones can be in fashion. However if you really want to look thin, you should choose trousers with darker shades like black, dark blue and grey.

Jeans are not recommended so much but if you really want to wear them you can try light ones with a smooth texture. There should be no raffles, creases, wash-out, plaits or any bells and whistles. Just a plain and smooth pair of jeans complimenting your body shape.

If you are looking for different models, you can try a straight or boot cut. This style helps to hide those thighs and to have a more balanced body.

The last recommendation is to keep the trousers up. They should not start lower than your hipline. Pants to be higher and longer mean to be the better as well. Because the length will create an illusion of a thin body. It’s said that striped shirts can make you appear slim or broad. This is the same for pants. So, keep the stripes running down and the trousers going vertical.

There are a lot of ways to appear slim. Now you know which type of pants make you look lean and you also have got the foundation down right. So, why don’t you pick a pair of pants make you look lean?

Plus-Size Beach Wear

As the time is changing, designers start to focus more on plus-size clothing including  beach wears. There is surely something for every style, budget, and body. Trendy open silhouettes didn’t ignore swimsuits. So, it’s time to go back to the beach again to take your style to the shore. Sensational swimwears, bold bikinis to sculpting swimsuits, beach dresses and tunics are all waiting for you.

Swimsuits With Polka Dots

Polka dots have reemerged onto the plus size clothes including swimsuit scene. Polka dots are are not only cute and playful but also look very classic and gorgeous at the same time for sunny beach days .


Cutouts bombed in 2016 but they still stick around. Cutout swimsuits  go well with all sorts of designs like razors-thin slices and strappy details.

Minimalist Swimsuits

If you don’t like cutouts there are plenty of choices to pick. You can put on a cute and elegant minimalist swimsuit with single-color. It can be either a chic red one piece or a bright blue tankini.

Laces & Ties

Lace-up pieces are still very popular. Also it should be said that most of the designs feature laces on the hips or back.

One Shoulder

Off-the-shoulder swimsuits are inspired from one-strap dresses. They can be perfectly paired with crops or wide legs and even wedge heels.

Beach Skirts

Skirts which flow till the ankles and printed flowing beach skirts are another hot trends which you should pick.

Chiffon Tops

You should surely pick chiffon tops which go solo with bikini bottoms.

You should definitely try on these beach wears to put your wardrobe and to show off your keen sense of style. There is nothing wrong to stand out at the beach with your trendy and stylish beach wears.

Plus-Size Night Dresses

Everybody wants to be well-dressed especially for special nights.  As a plus-size lady you deserve to be as stylish and as others. You deserve to look slimmer as well. However, you make ask which night dress to put on.

Clothes with embroideries and embellishments are in fashion. Therefore, you can choose cocktail gowns with embroidered sleeves. These kinds of plus-size party dresses come with half-length sleeves. They are embroidered even to your dress’s U-neckline. If you put on a waistline, it will help to form your body. Coming with half-length loose skirt, this gown will surely look perfect with high heels. It shows enough skin to make you seem thinner.

Plus-Size Night Dresses

Secondly, night dresses with one big loose sleeve are another attires to consider. Surely, these gowns are sexy for all size of women including overweight ladies. It gives the illusion of fresh, striking and slimmer look by revealing more of your skin.

Thirdly, you can always have cocktail dresses with sand-clock design. It is designed tight on your body down to your legs and as below the knees. Such V neckline dresses look more attractive. Furthermore, it will be great to have loose and embroidered or at least embellished long sleeves. This type of a dress can make you a bit more formal and look slimmer at the same time.

The most important point is to feel confident. Because plus-size night dresses can form your body and also make you look slimmer as long as the clothes you pick have smart designs.

Which Shoes For Plus-Size Ladies

Do you want to look slimmer? Do you know which shoes suit you? Possibly, most of you may know which clothes to wear for a thinner appearance. However many of the ladies don’t know which shoes help them to seem thinner? There are some tips about which footwears to pick. You can check these ones as below.

  1. Yours legs and so you will look slim in a shoe which has a tapered toe and also at least a 2-inch stiletto. A slender toe and a slim heel definitely extend narrow silhouette of calves. On the other hand square-toe styles which have a thick, chunky heel cause the appearance of shorter and bulky leg. So, the first choice is surely better.
  2. You should pick shoes which match skin tone of your legs. This will give the illusion of slimmer
  3. A heel with at least two and a half inches lifts the body well. It makes attires fall beter and so gives a slimmer illusion. You can look for pumps with slightly pointed toes and slim heels.
  4. Because of being long and attention grabbing, over the knee boots not only looks good with all your clothes but make you look slimmer and taller. So, simply put thigh high boots to elongate and slenderize your legs when you wear shorts, skirts, dresses and pants.


We recommended you different styles of footwear for a slimmer appearance. However if you can’t walk in them and if you don’t feel comfortable you can of course whatever you want.

The Tips Of Choosing Shoes For Plus-Size Ladies

There is a myth that being slim means to be beautiful and even sexy. Therefore, whether slim or overweight, almost all women want to get thinner, at least want to seem slimmer. However to lose weight is not so easy and plus-size fashion is developing day by day. So, even if you are overweight you should be and peace yourself. You can least use techniques to reflect the illusion of being slimmer. One of them is about how to choose the right shoes.

It can be said to pick a high heel or a platform in terms of picking shoes not to look fat is very crucial.  Because high heels make your legs not only look long but also look lean. A thinner, at least two-inch heel or more can help to elongate the look of your legs so your heels don’t have to be stilettos. Also another tip to try is a pointed toe with a lower area which covers your toes and avoiding squared toes.

Stay away from shoes with ankle straps which place a horizontal line at the top of your foot, which cuts off your leg and helps it seem shorter. This style reduces the illusion of overall skinniness.

Another key point is wearing shoes which match the color of your legs. If the footwears you wear match your leg’s skin tone you will create the illusion of longer legs by this recommendation.

For the summer, you can try skin-toned shoes and pumps as well.  You will definitely look as great after reading these recommendations.

Plus Size Street Style Fashion

It would be fun to collect different styles especially for street style. Because as you know, plus-size fashion has been alive and kicking. With the first plus size designer showing on the schedule for fashion week, only in good style and fashion for curvy ladies will be rocking out in street style.

Now while some of you may ask why would someone who is plus size go to these shows that don’t feature plus size fashion? Well, there are two words: Inspiration and Research. So, to see fabulous curvy women rocking out, I am happy to share with you the most important sides of street style!

  1. Fearless cute lace top and the ripped jeans complement each other well. You don’t need to be skinny to rock a sheer top and she is the perfect example.
  2. You will rock the boho-chique style in your stylish blue jacket which makes the outfit even more perfect.
  3. Sophisticated look is the perfect solution if you want to spice up your office-outfit a little.
  4. Confidence is very important. A leather pencil skirt looks so sexy in it.
  5. Simple, yet so stylish. A simple black romper with a statement jacket is all you need.
  6. Funky with a touch of class by taking risks of bold clothes and colors.

Street style for plus size ladies can show off with more of their personality through their style. Plus-size women do face great sum of issues when it comes to finding the best style of fashionable outfits for themselves, this can be frustrating but know that you must put effort into searching for the trendy and very stylish outfit to wear.

2017 Summer Trends For Plus-Size Ladies

Plus size dresses became the hit of plus size summer fashion of 2017. It highlights dignity of figure and visually pulls silhouette. No less relevant are plus size tulip dresses, made in black and white colors and asymmetrical blouses on one shoulder.

Plus size skirt in trapezoid form is at peak of popularity. Stylists recommend combining it with long jacket. Especially effective this thing looks on skin, but you should be abandoned from the velvet because it adds visual kilograms.

Preference in plus size womens clothing should be given to simple, laconic cut and avoid bulky embroideries, appliqués and other massive items.

Floral is also popular print in plus size clothing for women, without which it’s difficult to imagine modern plus size dresses. This is evidenced by many photos from the fashion shows. However, wearing this adorable ornament requires caution, otherwise woman with plus size forms risks becoming shapeless.

What else it’s offered for plus size fashion 2017 for?

  • A-silhouette plus size dresses, which visually lengthen the silhouette.
  • Plus size pencil skirt, or skirt with slit.
  • Dress-shirts for plus size women.
  • Plus size dresses with a high waist.
  • Denim clothing (pants, tunics, dresses, jackets, vests).
  • Sports items (caps, bombers, sneakers, tennis skirts)

Keep in mind that in spite of hot weather, layers, jackets and atc can be worn for creating a fashionable style.