Shawl Models For Plus-Size Women

Shawl is the one of the most popular accessories. Many of women say that they can never have enough shawls.  However as layers they are the best to hide your trouble spots especially for overweight ladies. Furthermore while providing extra warmth these accessories not only spice up your outfit but also flatter your complexion.

A Shawl with pastel shades will soften the tone of your skin. It will give you a touch of color and a gorgeous glow. You can pick the model which has fresh colors like pale pink, blue and bluish green.

The patterned Anna Aura shawl in wonderful washed-out blue tones is another warming accessory to pick. Also the one of Uta Raasch is very soft, premium 100% versatile accessory with finely fringed edges. It has beautiful color shades of ecru/petrol and burgundy/black. It balances these tones perfectly.

You can buy a patchwork shawl which definitely grabs the attention. This accessory was inspired by blankets made of lots of little patches. The patches can be squares or rectangles, large or small. Some of the shapes have flowers for your romantic beauty.

Also, you can prefer a large and square or a wide sophisticated silk model as a finishing touch. In order to keep out the cold wrap this classy accessory around your shoulders.

Plain, simple and one or two colored shawls work well with patterned clothes. Especially for plus size ladies it’s recommended to cover up your arms but not the shoulders.

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