How To Dress Well When You’re Plus-Size

To be plus-size doesn’t mean you can’t look gorgeous. If you know how to dress well you can look more beautiful than slim ladies. We have several recommendations for you about clothing methods.

  1. You should try darker colors and smaller patterns. Because big patterns will make you appear heavier while small patterns can make you look thinner and besides dark colors hide but light colors highlight. Therefore if you are OK with your waist you can wear a light belt over a dark shirt. On the other hand if you want to hide your bottom half you can put on dark pants and a lighter top.

Prefer diagonal or vertical horizontal stripes. If you want to give the impression of larger bust area, horizontal stripes can enhance it.

Wearing a ruffle is a good choice but don’t put ruffles on anything that you want to hide. Because it has the power of emphasizing not hiding.

  1. Putting on a well-fitted underwear such as low-legged, high-waisted one is very important as well. A good bra that fits you size will help lift your figure. It make you not only look younger but also help you avoid backaches
  2. Pick clothes like A-line or tailored skirts that will flatter your bottom half. However dressing to flatter your upper half is another point to consider. You should stay away from flared pants and wide-leg trousers but wear shaped garments such as full-length cardigans.
  3. How about accessorizing? You can whip out those big, chunky earrings and wear boots or wedges. Beautiful accessories will grab attention.
  4. Pick at least one pair of well-fitting jeans. Skinny or straight-leg jeans in a dark wash will look great on you. In addition you should be very careful about leggings. For some ladies, a long shirt or dress with leggings can be great. However if your hips, thighs or bottom are heavier it can look awful.
  5. You can wear sleeveless clothes or the ones with short sleeves to emphasize your assets.
  6. Garments that are too large can hide your body but they make you look unconfident. Instead of baggy clothing, buy what fits you. Also, keep in mind that to know your measurements is very important in terms of dressing well.

As a last and maybe the most important point, buy you clothes for today not for the time that when you get slimmer. Because you may have long-term goals but chances won’t happen overnight. Just, wear your clothes with confidence.

Plus-Size Night Dresses

Everybody wants to be well-dressed especially for special nights.  As a plus-size lady you deserve to be as stylish and as others. You deserve to look slimmer as well. However, you make ask which night dress to put on.

Clothes with embroideries and embellishments are in fashion. Therefore, you can choose cocktail gowns with embroidered sleeves. These kinds of plus-size party dresses come with half-length sleeves. They are embroidered even to your dress’s U-neckline. If you put on a waistline, it will help to form your body. Coming with half-length loose skirt, this gown will surely look perfect with high heels. It shows enough skin to make you seem thinner.

Plus-Size Night Dresses

Secondly, night dresses with one big loose sleeve are another attires to consider. Surely, these gowns are sexy for all size of women including overweight ladies. It gives the illusion of fresh, striking and slimmer look by revealing more of your skin.

Thirdly, you can always have cocktail dresses with sand-clock design. It is designed tight on your body down to your legs and as below the knees. Such V neckline dresses look more attractive. Furthermore, it will be great to have loose and embroidered or at least embellished long sleeves. This type of a dress can make you a bit more formal and look slimmer at the same time.

The most important point is to feel confident. Because plus-size night dresses can form your body and also make you look slimmer as long as the clothes you pick have smart designs.

Plus Size Street Style Fashion

It would be fun to collect different styles especially for street style. Because as you know, plus-size fashion has been alive and kicking. With the first plus size designer showing on the schedule for fashion week, only in good style and fashion for curvy ladies will be rocking out in street style.

Now while some of you may ask why would someone who is plus size go to these shows that don’t feature plus size fashion? Well, there are two words: Inspiration and Research. So, to see fabulous curvy women rocking out, I am happy to share with you the most important sides of street style!

  1. Fearless cute lace top and the ripped jeans complement each other well. You don’t need to be skinny to rock a sheer top and she is the perfect example.
  2. You will rock the boho-chique style in your stylish blue jacket which makes the outfit even more perfect.
  3. Sophisticated look is the perfect solution if you want to spice up your office-outfit a little.
  4. Confidence is very important. A leather pencil skirt looks so sexy in it.
  5. Simple, yet so stylish. A simple black romper with a statement jacket is all you need.
  6. Funky with a touch of class by taking risks of bold clothes and colors.

Street style for plus size ladies can show off with more of their personality through their style. Plus-size women do face great sum of issues when it comes to finding the best style of fashionable outfits for themselves, this can be frustrating but know that you must put effort into searching for the trendy and very stylish outfit to wear.

Inspiring Plus-Size Wedding Dresses

As it’s known, wedding day is the most important day for the ladies getting married. However, it’s not so easy to find the perfect dress.  Especially if you are plus-size, you may think there are only a few options. In contrary, there are plenty of choices around which offer specifically gorgeous plus-size wedding dresses.

We have a list of trendy wedding gowns which suit very well to overweight ladies. These dresses will look amazing on your figure.

Enaura Bridal couture floral plus-size wedding dress:

This soft and feminine floral wedding dress is a perfect choice for your garden wedding.

David’s Bridal long sleeved lace plus-size wedding gown:

You will look natural and elegant in this special dress.

V-Neckline wedding dress with blushing tones:

A deep V-neck wedding gown shows off a really pretty décolletage but if you don’t like this attention-grabbing detail you can wear an a-line one.

Wedding dress with cap sleeves:

As an alternative to the strapless dresses, cap sleeves have an elegant look. They draw attention to your collarbones. An allover lace pattern works well with a vintage wedding theme.

Lazaro mermaid dress with ruched bodice:

It will hug your curves in all the right places and it will add a feminine sex appeal by its sweetheart neckline.

Pink Blush Wedding Dress

It has a romantic appeal with a full organza skirt.

Strapless Modified Ball Gown Wedding Dress

It has amazing sparkling details which keep you very comfortable on your wedding day. It does not only elongate the torso but also adds extra support.

There are more wedding dresses to recommend such as classic satin strapless one, the silk slip dress and the one with ball gown skirt. This modern ball gown is sure to be a showstopper. If you are still worried about your curves as an obstacle to find the perfect dress, you should not. Because there is a perfect wedding gown for everyone.