Which Trousers Make You Look Slimmer

Especially as a woman, we all like dressing itself. Another thing we want is to look thinner in our attires to impress others and to look good. Even if you are overweight, you can try these tips to pick trousers which make you look lean.

First of all, it’s very important to respect the color schemes. In general bright and colorful tones can be in fashion. However if you really want to look thin, you should choose trousers with darker shades like black, dark blue and grey.

Jeans are not recommended so much but if you really want to wear them you can try light ones with a smooth texture. There should be no raffles, creases, wash-out, plaits or any bells and whistles. Just a plain and smooth pair of jeans complimenting your body shape.

If you are looking for different models, you can try a straight or boot cut. This style helps to hide those thighs and to have a more balanced body.

The last recommendation is to keep the trousers up. They should not start lower than your hipline. Pants to be higher and longer mean to be the better as well. Because the length will create an illusion of a thin body. It’s said that striped shirts can make you appear slim or broad. This is the same for pants. So, keep the stripes running down and the trousers going vertical.

There are a lot of ways to appear slim. Now you know which type of pants make you look lean and you also have got the foundation down right. So, why don’t you pick a pair of pants make you look lean?